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How To: Treat a Blister

A bad blister can see the end of a great adventure, or an enjoyable one anyway. Treating blisters properly, however, can save you a world of pain.
ultra marathon tips

Ultra-Marathon Tips: 7 Essential Tips for your First Race

Signed up for your first ultra marathon and scared out of your mind? Fear not, these 7 top ultra marathon tips will ensure you get to the finish!
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Marathon Tips: 9 Top Tips for your First Marathon

Running your first marathon? Be sure to take heed of these essential marathon tips to guarantee you make it to the finish line in one piece.
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Medoc Marathon: Could you Run a Marathon while Drinking Wine?

Want to run a marathon, but want to have a bit of craic while doing it, then the Medoc Marathon is for you, with wine drinking & thongs, it's a scream!
Richard DonovanRun Across America

Richard Donovan: Meet the Man who Ran across America

Epic scenery, ulcerated blisters, soaring temperatures, freezing temperatures and close calls shaped Richard Donovan's epic run across America.