gaffer tape uses outdoors

15 Lifesaving Uses for Duct Tape in the Wild

Gaffer tape or duct tape as it's also known is a more useful piece of kit in the outdoors than you could ever imagine. It’s guaranteed to get you out of plenty of holes!
Best Camping Hacks

10 Camping Hacks that will Change your Life

All the tips and tricks that you learned at Cubs and Brownies may be deep in your memory so we’ve assembled our favourite camping hacks to sure your night in the great outdoors goes smoothly. 
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10 Camping Mistakes You’ll Only Make Once

Ever arrived at the campsite only to realise you're not sure how to pitch your new tent? Or perhaps shivered through a night after packing too little? We've all been there.
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How to Dig an Outdoor Toilet in 4 Easy Steps

It’s not glamorous but knowing how to dig a toilet is an essential part of camping! Here we show you how to build a quick and easy campsite toilet in 4 simple steps.
Paragliding Adventure off Mt Blanc

Flying off Europe’s Biggest Hill: A Paragliding Adventure off Mt Blanc

Having climbed Mt Blanc five times, Barry Roberts decides there has to be a better way to descend that is easier on the knees. So, he brings his paraglider with him.
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Why Does Running Make you Poo?

Ever found yourself urgently seeking a loo on your morning run? We find out why running makes you need to poo and how to prevent it.
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How To: Treat a Blister

A bad blister can see the end of a great adventure, or an enjoyable one anyway. Treating blisters properly, however, can save you a world of pain.
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How To: Build a Campfire in 6 Simple Steps

If you're struggling to get your campfire started, then you need to read these six simple tips. You'll be warm and toasty in no time!
8 Pieces of Plastic to Stop Using Right Now

8 Pieces of Plastic to Stop Using Right Now

It’s thought that the oceans will contain more plastic weight than fish by 2050. Here are 9 things you can do to try to prevent that.
Benefits of Surfing

5 Reasons Why you Should Take up Surfing ASAP

The benefits of surfing are far-reaching. You’ll be able to build fitness, flexibility, improve your mental health, and much more.