Ger Prendergast vegan

Gerard Prendergast: What I Eat in a Week

Endurance athlete and vegan Gerard Prendergast breaks down for us his weekly diet and training plan.
The Beginners Guide to going Vegan

The Beginners Guide to Going Vegan

Considering making the transition and going vegan? Have a read of our beginner's guide first.
Inspirational Women

15 Inspirational and Adventurous Irish Women

To celebrate International Women’s Day we thought there’s no better time to bring your attention to the women on the Irish adventure scene that inspire us!
Running Technique

5 Top Tips to Make You a Better Runner

Aoife O’Neill, Outsider’s consultant Chartered Physiotherapist takes us through a few simple steps to improve your running.
Michael McCutcheon

Michael McCutcheon: What It Takes to Be A Mountain Bike Marathoner

Mountain biker Michael McCutcheon had one hell of a summer on the 24-hour mountain biking circuit. We caught up with him to hear all about it.
Paul Swail

Paul Swail: First Ascents and Going off the Grid in Patagonia

There is a small yet thriving community of hardcore rock climbers scattered around Ireland and Paul Swail is one of them.
Alastair Humphreys

Alastair Humphreys: My Life as a Professional Adventurer

How cool would it be if your job title was Professional Adventurer, that's what Alastair Humphreys is!
Homemade Sled

How to: Build a Homemade Sled

The beast from the east is coming and you better be prepared, by making your own homemade sled! Just follow these five simple steps.
yoga vs pilates

Yoga vs Pilates: Which One Should You Be Doing?

Outsider’s consultant Chartered Physiotherapist examines the difference between yoga and Pilates and helps you decide which one best suits you.

15 Tips to Help You Lower Your Carbon Footprint in 2018

At Outsider, we love nature and want to protect our planet. Here's a list of some super easy ways you can kick-start your year with a new, planet-friendly regime.