Ingredients to ward off infection Paprika

5 Magical Cold Busting Ingredients

Prevention is always better than the cure. And these five ingredients are guaranteed to keep colds and flu at bay this winter.
Jon Gupta

Mountaineer Jon Gupta on Living Life in High Altitude

We caught up with Mountaineer Jon Gupta to discuss his recent English speed record up Kilimanjaro and making history in the Yukon Arctic Ultra.
Mark Earley sea swimming

Finding Solace Through the Sea

When grief came knocking on Mark Earley’s door, he turned to pen and paper and sea swimming to seek some relief and try to find some answers.
Killian Callaghan Whistler EWS

Interview: Killian Callaghan on his Enduro World Series Success

Killian Callaghan, U21 Enduro World Series Champion, talks sponsorship, training regimes and holding down a full-time job.
Conor Maguire Mullaghmore

Meet Conor Maguire: Big Wave Surfing’s One to Watch

Conor Maguire has a host of XXL nominations to his name. Not afraid to push the boundaries, he is fast becoming the one to watch in big wave surfing.
Hallowe'en costumes for Outdoorsy people

10 Badass Outdoor Themed Hallowe’en Costumes

Tired of dressing up as a witch, vampire or ghost for Hallowe'en? Stay true to who you are this year with these badass outdoor themed Hallowe'en costumes.

This Flat Pack Shack is Every Adventure Lover’s Dream Home

This flat pack house costs just $45,000, can be put anywhere and only takes a week to assemble!
Meet Arctic Explorer and Kilian Jornet’s physiotherapist Arnaud Tortel

Meet the Man in Charge of Kilian Jornet’s Recovery

Physiotherapist Arnaud Tortel is the man behind the scenes of the Salomon squad, responsible for the recovery of the ultrarunning elite. 
Salomon Anti-Doping Programme

Interview: Grég Vollet on Anti-Doping and the Future of Trail Running

We got the opportunity to sit down with Grégory Vollet, Team Manager of the Salomon International Trail to discuss anti-doping and the future of the sport.
Van Conversions

20 Stunning Van Conversions

Tempted to sack in your day job and start living the #vanlife? These stunning van conversions will inspire you to take the plunge!