Things to do in Donegal

Things to Do in Donegal: The Complete Guide for Adventure Lovers

Everything you need to know for an adventure in Co Donegal, from the best places to go to the best things to do on land and in water.
Walks in Clare

6 of the Best Walks in County Clare

Had enough of surf and seafood for the moment? Then there are plenty of stunning trails waiting to be walked in Co Clare.
co clare things to do

Things to Do in Clare: The Complete Guide for the Outdoor Enthusiast

Head to the Banner County for a weekend of surfing, caving and exploration. This is everything the adventure lover needs to do while in Co Clare.

City Sea Kayaking in Cork and Beyond

Jasper Winn explores the unexpected pleasure of city sea-kayaking in the Rebel City and offers information on other urban paddling opportunities.
Islands in Cork

7 of the Most Stunning Islands in Cork

The rebel county has a ton of beautiful islands worth exploring. Why stay on the mainland when there are islands calling!
Winter Solstice

4 Ways to Celebrate the Winter Solstice

With Christmas seeming like it's on steroids this year, perhaps we could all do with celebrating a quieter event on the horizon, one that is just as magical, the winter solstice.
Things to do in Wexford

Things to do in Wexford: The Complete Guide for Adventures in Wexford

Heading to Wexford for the weekend? Less of the strawberry jokes, Wexford is a bit of a hidden gem for adventures. Check out our list of things to do.
Highest Mountains in Ireland

10 of the Highest Mountains to Climb in Ireland

There is no better way to experience a country while simultaneously ticking something off the bucket list then by climbing its highest mountains.
Things to do in Cork

Things to Do in Cork: The Complete Guide for the Explorer

It's about time you headed to the rebel county for a dose of adventure. Here we've compiled a list of some of our favourite things to do in Cork. 
Things to do in Dublin:

Things to do in Dublin: The Complete Guide for Outdoor Lovers

This is your one-stop shop for all the adventures, extreme sports and things to do in Dublin. From SUP to mountain biking and some fun family activities.