Eoin Keith

Interview: Eoin Keith Prepares for the Columbia UTMB

Eoin Keith tells us how he is getting ready for one of the world's toughest trail running races on earth, the Columbia UTMB.
Triathlons for Beginners: 5 of the Best

Triathlons for Beginners in Ireland: 5 of the Best

Want to sign up for a triathlon but no idea which one to go for? Here are Outsider’s top triathlons in Ireland for beginners.
Stand Up Paddle Boarding: 7 Tips for Beginners

Stand Up Paddle Boarding: 7 Tips for Beginners

Stand Up Paddle Boarding is a great way to enjoy the water, however, it can be a little intimidating. Here are our tips for paddling with confidence!
Rob Greenfield 2

Meet the Man Who Cycled 4,700 Miles Across America… Off the Grid on a Bamboo Bike

Rob Greenfield cycled 4,700 miles across America off the grid on a bamboo bike to raise awareness for environmental issues. He tells us how he did it.
7 Toughest Ultramarathons in the World

7 of the Toughest Ultra Marathons in the World

The Marathon des Sable, Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc, Barkley Marathons, and Ireland’s own Wicklow Round make our list of the world’s toughest Ultramarathon tests.
worlds quirkiest events SouthAfrica_BigFiveMarathon_RunnerAndGiraffe_045

12 of the World’s Wackiest Events

Want to run with lions, swim across a frozen lake or get covered in tomatoes while running through Spanish streets? These are the world's quirkiest events.
biking skills for adventure racing

Biking Skills: Top Tips for Adventure Racers

The bike is an important part of any adventure race. Here Niall Davis shares his most essential biking skills for adventure racers.
Hiking tips for beginners

Hiking Tips for Beginners: Everything you Need to Know

Thinking of hitting the hills but not sure where to start? Fear not, these simple hiking tips for beginners will have you in the hills in no time.
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Walking the Camino de Santiago: 14 Things you Need to Know

Planning on hiking the famous Camino de Santiago? Here are 14 top tips for the Camino de Santiago to ensure a successful trip.
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Ultra-Marathon Tips: 7 Essential Tips for your First Race

Signed up for your first ultra marathon and scared out of your mind? Fear not, these 7 top ultra marathon tips will ensure you get to the finish!