GR20 Top Tips

GR20: The Highs and Lows of One of Europe’s Toughest Treks

Thinking about doing the GR20, one of Europe's toughest treks? You need to read this first, this was the experience of three thru-hikers who took it on.
Caffeine for athletic performance

Is Caffeine Beneficial for Athletic Performance?

Former professional road cyclist and Sports Performance Nutrition lecturer Danielle Clay tells us once and for all if caffeine is beneficial for athletic performance.
medoc marathon

Medoc Marathon: Could you Run a Marathon while Drinking Wine?

Want to run a marathon, but want to have a bit of craic while doing it, then the Medoc Marathon is for you, with wine drinking & thongs, it's a scream!
Open Water Swimming: All Year Around

Open Water Swimming: All Year Round

Get out the pool and dive into your nearest lake, river, or ocean and embrace open water swimming 365 days a year. Here’s what you need to know!
Richard DonovanRun Across America

Richard Donovan: Meet the Man who Ran across America

Epic scenery, ulcerated blisters, soaring temperatures, freezing temperatures and close calls shaped Richard Donovan's epic run across America.
Open Water Swimming: Tips for your first open water race

Open Water Swimming: Tips for your First Open Water Race

Here’s our rundown of everything you need to know before diving into your first open water swimming race, from what to wear to never been afraid to bail.
Triathlon: Understanding your Body

Triathlon: Understanding your Body

In the same way as you fine tune an engine, it is important to fine tune your body for performance. Tri coach Adam Kelly shows us how.
Liffey Descent

Baptism of Fire and Water on the Liffey Descent

In honour of the Liffey Descent’s 50th birthday, Outsider sent virgin paddler Ross McDonagh to take part in the famous race.
Triathlon: The Ultimate Training Plan

Triathlon: The Ultimate Training Plan

Make every second of training count! Tri coach Adam Kelly, has devised a training plan that will see you hitting the ground running next season.
Triathlon: 13 Essential Tips for Beginners

Triathlon: 13 Essential Tips for Beginners

Taking on your first triathlon? Tri coach, Adam Kelly, shares his top triathlon tips for beginners to ensure your first race goes swimmingly.