Unusual Memento Everest

$50,000 Was Left on the Top of Mount Everest – Here’s Why

On Wednesday a group of climbers left an unusual mark on the Everest peak, namely the equivalent of $50,000 in cryptocurrency.
Things to Do in Sligo

Things to Do in Sligo: The Complete Guide for Outdoor Lovers

Sligo has a varied and exciting landscape with rolling green hills and spectacular limestone mountains. We've listed our top things to do when in Sligo.
Barry's Tea Announce Plans For Plastic-Free Teabags

Barry’s Tea Announce Plans For Plastic-Free Tea Bags 

The keystone to every Irish pantry – Barry's Tea – is looking at ways to remove micro-plastics from its tea bags, to finally make them compostable. 
Limerick Trails

Exploring Limerick by Foot: 8 of The Most Exciting Trail Walks

Limerick is rich in adventure trails. Whether you're looking for a bushy loop walk or a long distance mountain hike, you'll find it here.
Best SUP spots Dublin

5 Great Places to Get Your Stand up Paddle Boarding Fix in Dublin

Stand up paddle boarding is great for balance, strength and simply for getting out and rinsing your thoughts. Just grab your board and go!
How Does Exercise Affect Your Sex Life?

How Does Exercise Affect Your Sex Life?

Exercising has got loads of benefits, but how does it actually affect your sex life? We've talked to sex therapist Teresa Bergin to get some answers.
New Slow Adventure Track

New Royal Canal Greenway to Connect Dublin and Longford

A new off-road cycling and walking track, that will be connecting Dublin and Longford by the Royal Canal, is set to launch next year.
Weights or Cardio for Weight Loss

Weights vs Cardio for Weight Loss – Which is More Effective?

A common misconception is that in order to lose weight, you need to do only cardio, when weight training actually can be even more effective.
Killarney Walking Festival

Killarney Walking Festival to Take Place this June

If you're into stunning views, long hikes and good company – don't forget to book your ticket to this year's Killarney Walking Festival, coming up in June.
Double Amputee Summits Everest

Double Amputee Summits Everest at Age 70

A 70-year-old Chinese climber – with both his feet amputated – finally conquered the peak of Mount Everest, after four decades and five attempts.