ISA Cruising Conference expands due to huge demand

The Irish Sailing Association has moved its annual Cruising Conference due to the large number of sailors keen to attend the event in Cork. New seats have now been released


New Irish owner of Bantry Bay Canoes

CH Marine has bought Bantry Bay Canoes, one of Ireland’s largest and best known canoe and kayak suppliers, and plans to grow the west Cork business. The shop in Bandon sells all types of kayaks, canoes, fishing gear and clothing and accessories for water sports.


10 great events to get you going in spring & beyond!

Getting fit doesn’t always need to mean slogging it out in the gym. One of the best fitness motivators and ways to test and enjoy your developing strength is to sign up for an event – and to tell everyone you are doing it. We've come up with 10 brilliant events to get you going as part of the Centra Restart 21-day Challenge. #LiveWell


Five fun adventures to make you stronger and happier

There are plenty of really fun sports that can boost your strength, so you’re getting fitter and stronger without really noticing all the work you’re doing. We bring you five of our favourite sports to build strength as part of the Centra Restart 21-day Strength Challenge.


The magic of mantras - 11 spiritual sayings to keep you strong

One of the most important components of sport or training is your mental strength, and it centres around your ability to believe in yourself. Here's a list of 11 mantras used by successful athletes and adventurers. If you're taking part in the Centra Restart 21-day Challenge, we think they could really come in handy to keep you motivated. #LiveWell.


Hanging tough: Teena Gates on the challenges of getting fit and healthy – and staying that way

Many of you will be familiar with the dulcet tones of radio and TV presenter Teena Gates. And you might even know the tale of her incredible weight loss journey from 23 stone to a healthy size 12. Read her story of how strength training & other fitness is helping her keep her weight in check, as part of the Centra Restart 21-day Challenge series. #LiveWell